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dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine Programmer's Reference
IOptions::BooleanConnectors Property

Use to replace the default connectors used in search requests.

__property BSTR BooleanConnectors;

The BooleanConnectors option setting lets you change the connectors that dtSearch uses in boolean searches (and, or, not, etc.) 

The default connectors are: AND, OR, NOT, W/, CONTAINS, and TO. 

To replace the default connectors with alternative connectors (i.e., in French) set BooleanConnectors to a series of items each of which consists of a connector string and the equivalent English connector, in this format:

{new connector=connector name}


For example: 


{et=and} {ou=or} {sauf=not} {m/=w/} {contient=contains} {and=and} {or=or} {not=not} {contains=contains} {w/=w/} {to=to}


The standard English connectors are included as well as the French connectors in this example. If BooleanConnectors is not blank, the connectors it defines will replace the defaults, so dtSearch will not recognize and, or, not, etc. To restore the default English connectors, add an item for each connector to the list, as in the above example. It is possible to have more than one way of expressing each type of connector so, for example, "and" or "et" both are equivalent to the default "AND" connector. 

Text in connectors must consist entirely of searchable letters. Punctuation characters that are not searchable letters cannot be used as part of a connector. The only exception to this rule is the w/N syntax for proximity searches, which allows w/ to be redefined as any single letter (a-z only) followed by a /.