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IWordListBuilder::ListFieldValues Method

List all field values in the index that match an expression @param field The name of the field to enumerate. @param toMatch Wildcard expression to match in the field. @param nLimit Maximum number of values to obtain. 

@return The number of values found.

HRESULT ListFieldValues([in] BSTR field, [in] BSTR toMatch, [in] long nLimit, [out, retval] long * pVal);

A SearchFilter can be used with listFieldValues to limit the results to values in a set of documents. Use setFilter to attach a SearchFilter to the WordListBuilder. When a SearchFilter is used, all counts returned by WordListBuilder are document counts. For example, if a word occurs 20 times in 7 documents, the count returned will be 7 for both GetNthWordCount and GetNthWordDocCount

The field must have been designated as an enumerable field when the index was built. This is done using IndexJob.EnumerableFields.

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