dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine Programmer's Reference
IWordListBuilder::ListMatchingWords Method
HRESULT ListMatchingWords([in] BSTR toMatch, [in] long nLimit, [in] long searchFlags, [in] long fuzziness, [out, retval] long * pVal);
[in] BSTR toMatch
Word to match (may contain wildcard expressions)
[in] long nLimit
Maximum number of words to include in the list
[in] long searchFlags
SearcjFlags values specifying features such as fuzzy searching or synonym searching to use in matching words
[in] long fuzziness
If dtsSearchFuzzy is set in searchFlags, the level of fuzziness to use

Number of words listed

List all words in the index that match toMatch, using the specified searchFlags and fuzziness, up to nLimit words. Returns the number of words found

ListMatchingWords finds words that match a particular search expression. ListWords, in contrast, lists a specified number of words before and after a particular word in the index.