dtSearch Engine API for Java
Options Class

The Options object enables you to specify how the dtSearch engine will process text being indexed or searched.


Package: com.dtsearch.engine 

public class Options;

After changing settings, call save() to apply your changes, or they will have no effect. See "Options Overview" in the Overviews section for a description of the purpose of each option setting. 

When an Options object is first created, it is populated with the settings currently in effect. After you change one or more settings, call Save() to apply the changes. The new settings will apply to the currently-executing thread and to any newly-created threads. It will not affect other threads that are already running. 


Options cannot be changed within a callback function such as DataSource.getNextDoc. This is because dtSearch assumes that the options in effect for a thread at the start of a job will remain in effect until that job completes.