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dtSearch .NET Standard API
dtSearch .NET Standard API 2021.02
dtSearch .NET Standard API

dtSearchNetStdApi.dll provides a .NET Standard API to use the dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine.

dtSearchNetStdApi.dll implements a .NET wrapper around the dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine. To use this API in a .NET project, add dtSearchNetStdApi.dll as a reference, and add the native library or libraries for the platforms that you will support, as described below. 

For overview topics covering indexing, searching, the dtSearch query language, etc., see Overviews

.NET Standard 

.NET Standard is a common set of .NET APIs across all .NET platforms. For more information about .NET Standard, please see: 

Platform compatiblity matrix 

Native Libraries 

The dtSearch .NET Standard API consists of two components: (1) dtSearchNetStdApi.dll, which is cross-platform, and (2) a platform-specific dynamic library, dtSearchEngine.dll (Windows), (Linux), or libdtSearchEngine.dylib (MacOS). dtSearchNetStdApi.dll is the same on all platforms, and uses PInvoke to call the native library. For information on adding the required native library to your project, see Native Libraries


For information on deployment of the dtSearch .NET API, please see "Installing the dtSearch Engine with your Application" in the Overviews section. 


When using the dtSearch Engine API, it is essential to use the IDisposable pattern with all API objects except JobErrorInfo. Otherwise, the .NET garbage collector may take a long time to free memory used by potentially large objects such as SearchResults, resulting in memory depletion in long-running applications. In C# code, use a "using" clause with dtSearch Engine API objects, and in other code call Dispose() when you are done with an object.

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