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.NET Standard Sample Applications

Sample applications using the .NET Standard API

Sample applications using the .NET Standard API are installed in the dtsearch examples\NetStd. To build some samples, you may need to change the native library references to match the target environment. For more information, see: 


Visual Studio 2017 version 15.5 or later is needed to build the samples. 

Some applications have NuGet package dependencies which may need to be restored or updated. To update the packages for a project, right-click the project node in Visual Studio and select, "Manage NuGet Packages". 

For instructions to run each project, see the readme.html file in the project folder. 


ASP.NET Core web application demonstrating a browser-based search interface. 


.NET Core application demonstrating indexing and searching. 


WPF application for Windows using the .NET Framework.

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