Creating a Shared Index

Any dtSearch index that is located on a network drive can be shared with other users.  To create a shared index, click Index > Create Index and under Location specify a location that other network users will be able to access.

Once the shared index is created, other users can use Index > Recognize Index to access the index.

To share multiple indexes, you can either use a shared index library or you can create a shared options package that includes the indexes to share.

Drive Mapping.  To avoid possible drive mapping problems, build an index on the same drive as the documents it indexes.  This prevents drive mapping problems because dtSearch uses relative paths rather than absolute paths in indexes. 

Read/Write Privileges.  Write and read access to shared indexes is controlled by folder permission settings.  If an index is stored on a network drive, any user who has write access to the folder containing the index will be able to update the index in dtSearch.  Any user who has read access to the index will be able to search the index or perform other functions (such as Verify Index) that do not require write access. 

Concurrent Access.  dtSearch allows any number of users to search an index at the same time.  Only one user at a time can update or compress an index, so when a user is updating an index, other users will be able to search but not update the index. 


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