Index Library Manager

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dtSearch uses index libraries to record the names and locations of the document indexes that you create.   When you select indexes to search, or pick an index to update, compress, etc., the list of indexes displayed comes from your index libraries. 

If you are not sharing indexes on a network, you can ignore index libraries. dtSearch starts out with a library called IXLIB.ILB that will hold any indexes that you create.

Most commonly, index libraries are used to create a shared list of indexes on a network drive. Another way to share indexes is to create a shared options package that includes index references.

Using the Index Library Manager

To create a new index library, click Add Library and enter the name of the library to create.

To add a link to a shared network library, click Add Library and browse for the shared library to add.  When you find the correct library, click the Open button and the library will be added to your list of index libraries, and any indexes in that library will appear in your "Indexes to Search" list in the Search dialog box.

To remove a link to a shared network library, highlight the library to remove and click Remove Library.  The library will not be deleted; it will just be removed from the list of libraries you are using in dtSearch.

To add an index to the currently-selected library, click the Add Index... button.  Browse for the index to add and click Open when you find any of the files in the index (they will be named INDEX_I.IX, INDEX_N.IX, etc.).

To remove an index from the currently-selected library, highlight the index to remove in the list of indexes, and click Remove Index.  To remove an index and delete it from the disk, click Delete Index instead of Remove Index.

To locate all indexes in a folder tree, click the Find Indexes... button and browse for the top-level folder to search.  dtSearch will check for indexes in all of the folders and subfolders under that top-level folder and will add any indexes it finds to the current index library.

Default Library for New Indexes

Use the drop-down list at the bottom of the Index Library Manager to specify the index library to put new indexes into. 

How to Set up Shared Indexes

1.   Make a shared index library on the network.  To do this, click the Add Library button to create a new index library named "Common" or "Shared".

2.   Select this library as the "Working" library so you can add indexes to it.

3.   If you already have indexes on the network to share, click Add Index... to add each of the indexes to the Common library. 

4.   Close Index Library Manager if it is open and create the indexes to share on the network.  Ideally, each index should be on the same drive as the documents that it indexes, so drive mapping complications can be avoided.  Each of the indexes you create will be added to the "Common" or "Shared" library.

5.   Have each user link to the shared library.

You can also use command-line switches to specify a shared index library.  See "Installing dtSearch on a Network" in this manual for more information.

Automatically Detected Libraries

Each time it runs, dtSearch automatically checks for an index library named IXLIB.ILB in your dtSearch "BIN" folder and in your "UserData" folder (the folder where your dtSearch personal settings are stored).  To prevent dtSearch from doing this, un-check the box in Index Library Manager with the label Automatically check for index libraries in the dtSearch program folder and in my UserData folder.


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