Sharing Option Settings

Menu option: Options > Create Options Package

An options package is a file that you can use to share some or all of your dtSearch option settings, such as macros or file segmentation rules, with other users on a network.  An options package can also contain links to shared indexes. 

Creating an Options Package

To create an options package,

1.   Select the type of package you want to create.  
A Temporary package lets other users run dtSearch with the settings you specify without changing their own settings.  When a user opens a temporary package, dtSearch will apply the settings in the package only during that session, and will leave the user's own settings unchanged after dtSearch exits.  A temporary package is a good way to give other users access to your indexes and settings without requiring them to change their own settings.  
A Permanent package will change the user's personal dtSearch settings to match the ones you added to the package.  Settings such as macros or stemming rules will replace any settings the user already has.  Indexes included in the package will be listed in a new index library that will be placed in the user's UserData folder.  A permanent package gives network administrators an easy way to distribute a set of option settings throughout an organization.

2.   Select the indexes to include in the package.  The package will store the location of each index that you select, but will not include any of the index contents.  Therefore, indexes selected should all be in shared network locations.

3.   Select the option settings to include in the package.  Any of the following settings can be included: stemming rules, user thesaurus, macros, file type definitions, file segmentation rules, text field definitions, external viewer settings, and display options.

4.   Click OK to create the package.

Using an Options Package

To use an options package, browse to it in Windows Explorer and double-click on the name of the package. 

When you open a "temporary" package, dtSearch will open with the settings in the package.  The Search dialog box will contain only the indexes listed in the package.

When you open a "permanent" package, dtSearch will tell you which settings will be changed.  You can then decide to (1) accept the changes, (2) run dtSearch with the changed settings on a temporary basis (as if the package was a temporary package), or (3) exit without changing anything.


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