Command-Line Options

dtSearch Programs

Program Purpose
dtsearchw.exe dtSearch Search (32-bit)
dtSearch64.exe dtSearch Search (64-bit)


Launcher to start either the 64-bit or 32-bit version of dtSearch


dtSearch Indexer (32-bit)


dtSearch Indexer (64-bit, requires 64-bit version of Windows)


dtSearch diagnostic tools

dtSearch Desktop Search Options



/agreetolicense Consent to the license agreement without prompting [dtSearch 2022.01 and later]
/noupd Suppress prompting to check for updates [dtSearch 2022.01 and later]
/sn xx-xxxx... Apply a serial number if this installation does not already have one [dtSearch 2022.01 and later]

/lib [index library]

Specify a shared index library to use for searching

/dir [folder]

Specify a user data folder to use for settings files

/dirstd Use the default user data folder to use for settings files (%LOCALAPPDATA%\dtSearch) [dtSearch 2022.01 and later]

/cfg [options package]

Specify an options package file to use


Do not use index libraries other than the one specified on the command-line for searching

The /xl command-line switch is used with the /lib or /cfg switch to prevent indexes other than the ones specified on the command-line from being visible in the Search dialog box.

The /dir command-line switch has no effect if a dtSearch folder already exists on the computer.  It is used when running dtSearch from a network to specify a default local folder to use for dtSearch settings.  See "Installing dtSearch on a Network" for more information.

dtSearch Indexer Options

Switch Purpose

/i [index path]

Specify the index to be updated


Index new or modified documents


Clear the index before adding documents


Enable caching of text in the index (when used with /c)


Enable caching of original documents in the index (when used with /c)


Remove deleted documents from the index

/recog [index path]

Recognize an index (can be combined with /c to create an index and recognize it)


Compress the index after adding documents

Filenames or directories that contain spaces should be quoted in command lines.  If the path to dtIndexerw.exe contains a space, it should also be quoted, like this:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\dtSearch\dtIndexerw.exe" /i "C:\Program Files\dtSearch\UserData\MyIndex" /c /a


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