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dtSearch .NET Standard API 2021.02
dtSearch.Engine.UnicodeFilterFlags Enumeration

Values for Options.UnicodeFilterFlags (.NET) or dtsOptions.unicodeFilterFlags (C++) or Options.setUnicodeFilterFlags(java).

Extracting blocks as HTML has no effect on the text that is extracted, but it adds additional information in HTML comments to each extracted block. The HTML comments identify the starting byte offset and encoding of each piece of text extracted from a file.
Overlapping blocks prevents text that crosses a block boundary from being missed in the filtering process. With overlapping enabled, each block extends 256 characters past the start of the previous block.
Automatically insert a word break in long sequences of letters. A word break will be inserted when the word length reaches Options.MaxWordLength.
Automatically insert a word break when a capital letter appears following lower-case letters.
Automatically insert a word break when a digit follows letters.
When a word break is automatically inserted due to dtsoUfAutoWordBreakByLength, overlap the two words generated by the word break.
When a document cannot be indexed due to file corruption or encryption, apply the filtering algorithm to extract text from the file.
Ignore file format information and apply Unicode Filtering to all documents.

UnicodeFilterFlags control the behavior of the Unicode Filtering algorithm when it is used to filter text from binary data. See Filtering Options.

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