dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine Programmer's Reference
UnicodeFilterFlags Enumeration

Values for Options.UnicodeFilterFlags (.NET) or dtsOptions.unicodeFilterFlags (C++) or Options.setUnicodeFilterFlags(java).

File: dtsearch.h

enum UnicodeFilterFlags { dtsoUfExtractAsHtml = 0x0001, dtsoUfOverlapBlocks = 0x0002, dtsoUfAutoWordBreakByLength = 0x0004, dtsoUfAutoWordBreakByCase = 0x0008, dtsoUfAutoWordBreakOnDigit = 0x0010, dtsoUfAutoWordBreakOverlapWords = 0x0020, dtsoUfFilterFailedDocs = 0x0040, dtsoUfFilterAllDocs = 0x0080 };

UnicodeFilterFlags control the behavior of the Unicode Filtering algorithm when it is used to filter text from binary data. See Filtering Options.