dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine Programmer's Reference
FieldFlags Enumeration

Control indexing of meta-data associated with documents

File: dtsearch.h

enum FieldFlags { dtsoFfSkipFilenameField = 0x0001, dtsoFfSkipDocumentProperties = 0x0002, dtsoFfHtmlShowLinks = 0x0004, dtsoFfHtmlShowImgSrc = 0x0008, dtsoFfHtmlShowComments = 0x0010, dtsoFfHtmlShowScripts = 0x0020, dtsoFfHtmlShowStylesheets = 0x0040, dtsoFfHtmlShowMetatags = 0x0080, dtsoFfHtmlShowNoframesContent = 0x0100, dtsoFfHtmlShowHiddenContent = 0x01fc, dtsoFfHtmlNoHeaderFields = 0x0200, dtsoFfOfficeSkipHiddenContent = 0x0400, dtsoFfXmlHideFieldNames = 0x0800, dtsoFfShowNtfsProperties = 0x1000, dtsoFfXmlSkipAttributes = 0x2000, dtsoFfSkipFilenameFieldPath = 0x4000, dtsoFfPdfSkipAttachments = 0x8000, dtsoFfHtmlSkipInputValues = 0x10000, dtsoFfHtmlSkipImageAlt = 0x20000, dtsoFfIncludeFileTypeField = 0x40000, dtsoFfIncludeFileTypeIdField = 0x80000, dtsoFfSkipDataSourceFields = 0x100000, dtsoFfSkipEmailHeaders = 0x200000, dtsoFfIndexArchiveFileLists = 0x400000, dtsoFfIncludeDocumentPropertiesCaption = 0x800000, dtsoFfShowImageProperties = 0x1000000, dtsoFfSkipEmailProperties = 0x2000000, dtsoFfPdfShowLinks = 0x4000000, dtsoFfGenerateMd5Hash = 0x8000000, dtsoFfGenerateSha256Hash = 0x10000000, dtsoFfHtmlIndexHeadersAsFields = 0x20000000, dtsoFfNormalizeEmailAddresses = 0x40000000 };

FieldFlags provide options to control the indexing of meta-data associated with documents. When highlighting hits, it is important to make sure that FieldFlags has the same options that were used when a document was indexed. Otherwise, hit highlighting may be incorrect due to differences in the words found in each document. 

By default, dtSearch will index fields in documents such as the Summary Information fields in Word files and META tags in HTML files. FieldFlags can be used to suppress some or all of this metadata. 

dtSearch will also add a "Filename" field to the end of each document, with the full path and filename of the document, so words in the document name will be searchable like other text. To suppress this completely, use dtsoFfSkipFilenameField. To include only the name of the document (not the path), use dtsoSkipFilenameFieldPath. 

The dtsoFfHtmlShow* flags can be used to make normally hidden HTML elements, such as styles or links, visible and searchable. For each category of element that is enabled, a section will be added to the end of the HTML file listing the items in that category. For example, if dtsoFfHtmlShowComments is set, then each HTML file will have a list of the embedded comments after the body of the HTML.


C++: dtsOptions.fieldFlags 

Java: Options.setFieldFlags() 

.NET: Options.FieldFlags 

COM: Options.FieldFlags