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dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine Programmer's Reference
FileInfoFlags Enumeration

File: dtsearch.h

enum FileInfoFlags { fiDocumentOK = 0x0000, fiEncrypted = 0x0001, fiEmpty = 0x0002, fiContainer = 0x0004, fiBinary = 0x0008, fiCorrupt = 0x0010, fiPartiallyEncrypted = 0x0020, fiPartiallyCorrupt = 0x0040, fiOutOfMemory = 0x0080, fiOpenFailed = 0x0100, fiFilteredBinary = 0x0200, fiImageOnly = 0x0400 };
fiDocumentOK = 0x0000
The document was successfully indexed.
fiEncrypted = 0x0001
The document is encrypted.
fiEmpty = 0x0002
The document contains no text.
fiContainer = 0x0004
The document is a container.
fiBinary = 0x0008
The document has an unrecognized file format.
fiCorrupt = 0x0010
The document has a recognized file format but is corrupt.
fiPartiallyEncrypted = 0x0020
A portion of the document is encrypted.
fiPartiallyCorrupt = 0x0040
A portion of the document is corrupt.
fiOutOfMemory = 0x0080
There was insufficient memory to process the document.
fiOpenFailed = 0x0100
The document could not be opened due to a file open failure.
fiFilteredBinary = 0x0200
The document is in an unrecognized format and is being indexed using the binary filtering algorithm.
fiImageOnly = 0x0400
The document contains images without text, other than metadata and annotations. This flag can be used to detect image-only PDF files, but it is not a perfect indicator because a file could need OCR and still have some text in it. For example, a PDF file may have one page with text and 10 pages of scanned images, or it may have scanned images and a bit of text (but not the text of the scanned images) on each page.

Values for dtsFileInfo and dtsIndexProgressInfo.fileFlags (C++) and IndexFileInfo (.NET, Java)

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