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dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine Programmer's Reference
dtsFileInfo Structure

File: dtsviewr.h

struct dtsFileInfo { char filename[FileNameLen]; char displayName[FileNameLen]; long size; dtsFileDate modified; dtsFileDate created; char title[FileNameLen]; unsigned short typeId; unsigned short parserId; char typeName[maxTypeNameLen]; long flags; long structSize; __int64 size64; };
char filename[FileNameLen];
Name of the file
char displayName[FileNameLen];
User-friendly name for the file
long size;
Size of the file (superseded by size64)
dtsFileDate modified;
Modification date
dtsFileDate created;
Created date
char title[FileNameLen];
Up to 80 characters of text; generally the first line of text in the file
unsigned short typeId;
The typeId of the dtsViewerInfo for this file parser
unsigned short parserId;
The typeId of the dtsViewerInfo for this file parser
char typeName[maxTypeNameLen];
Name of this file type, for display purposes
long flags;
FileInfoFlags value describing properties of this item
long structSize;
Size of the dtsFileInfo structure (the constructor will initialize this)
__int64 size64;
Size of the file (64-bit)

Used to package basic information about a file that a file parser must provide.

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