dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine Programmer's Reference
dtsJobBase Structure

File: dtsearch.h

struct dtsJobBase { int (* pReportCallBack)(void *pReportData, dtsMessage& message); void * pReportData; long cancelFlag; dtsErrorInfo * errorHandler; long timeoutSeconds; };
int (* pReportCallBack)(void *pReportData, dtsMessage& message);
Pointer to a function to be called with status report information during the job. If you do not want status report information, set pReportCallBack to NULL. See dtsMessage for more information on handling these callbacks.
void * pReportData;
User data that will be passed to the status report callback function
long cancelFlag;
When the job is completed, cancelFlag will be set to dtsAbort if the job was cancelled.
dtsErrorInfo * errorHandler;
Pointer to a dtsErrorInfo to store any error messages generated during the job. If you do not want error information, set the errorHandler to NULL
long timeoutSeconds;
If you want the job to automatically halt after a specified amount of time, set the timeoutSeconds to a positive value. If the job times out, the errorHandler will contain a message with the code dtsErTimeout