dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine Programmer's Reference
dtsMakeViewerParams Structure

File: dtsviewr.h

struct dtsMakeViewerParams { dtsInputStream * input; dtsErrorInfo * errorHandler; void * reserved_unused; long convertFlags; long fieldFlags; long outputFormat; dtsOptions * options; dtsExtractionOptions * extractionOptions; const dtsOptions2 * options2; };
dtsInputStream * input;
Input stream to parse
dtsErrorInfo * errorHandler;
Error handler to report errors through
void * reserved_unused;
internal use only
long convertFlags;
Internal use only. If this viewer is being created to handle a FileConverter conversion, convertFlags will have the value of any ConvertFlags passed in the FileConverter.
long fieldFlags;
Obsolete. fieldFlags are now provided with the entire dtsOptions struct in options
long outputFormat;
dtsInputType specifying the requested output format for the parsed text. This must be one of the possible output formats specified by the ViewerInfo flags for this parser
dtsOptions * options;
Option settings currently in effect (old structure format)
dtsExtractionOptions * extractionOptions;
Options for extraction of embedded objects during conversion
const dtsOptions2 * options2;
Option settings currently in effect

Information passed to the makeViewer2 callback function in dtsViewerInfo