dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine Programmer's Reference
dtsMessage Structure

Structure passed to dtsJobBase.pReportCallBack to implement status notification callbacks.

File: dtsearch.h

struct dtsMessage { intptr_t paramA; intptr_t paramB; const char * strParam; void * ptrParam; long result; long command; };

pReportCallBack must return one of the following values:

Continue to execute the job
Cancel the job
Cancel the job without saving changes to the index
In response to dtsnSearchFound only, prevent this item from being included in search results.
In response to dtsnSearchFound only, the value of the score property in the dtsSearchNotificationItem was changed

During index updates, dtsAbort allows the current document to be completed and the information indexed so far to be committed to the index. dtsAbortImmediate cancels the index update and rolls back the index status to the last committed update. 

Additional callbacks may occur after returning dtsAbort or dtsAbortImmediate.

The meaning of the arguments depends on the "command" value, which is documented in the MessageCode enum. 

For dtsnSearch* messages, msg.ptrParam points to a dtsSearchProgressInfo with information on the status of the search. 

For dtsnIndex* messages, msg.ptrParam points to a dtsIndexProgressInfo with information on the status of the index update. 

Other values in the dtsMessage are still supported for backwards compatibility and are used in the dtsfc.cpp source code for DSearchJob and DIndexJob, but these values are deprecated.