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dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine Programmer's Reference
dtsIndexProgressInfo Structure

File: dtsearch.h

struct dtsIndexProgressInfo { long updateType; long step; const char * indexPath; const char * driveName; long percentDone; long bytesToIndex; long filesToIndex; long filesToCheck; long filesChecked; long docBytesReadKB; long bytesRead; long filesRead; long docsRead; struct dtsIndexFileInfo file; long docBytesMerged; long currMergePercent; long docsInIndex; long wordsInIndex; long elapsedSeconds; long diskAvail; long binaryCount; long openFailures; long compressPercentDone; long encryptedCount; long diskAvailKB; long docsRemovedFromIndex; long bytesToIndexKB; long bytesReadKB; long cancelFlag; long indexPercentFull; long estRemaining; long fieldCount; __int64 bytesToIndex64; __int64 bytesRead64; __int64 docBytesRead64; long partiallyEncryptedCount; long partiallyCorruptCount; long fileInfoFlags; long inaccessibleFolderCount; dtsFileDate fileModifiedDate; const char * userFields; __int64 diskAvail64; __int64 wordsInIndex64; };
long updateType;
A MessageCode identifying the reason for this update
long step;
IndexingStep enum Name of the index being updated
const char * indexPath;
Location of the index being updated
const char * driveName;
Drive where the index is located
long percentDone;
The percentage of the files that have been indexed
long bytesToIndex;
Number bytes to index. Deprecated: Use bytesToIndexKB or bytesToIndex64
long filesToIndex;
Number of files to index
long filesToCheck;
Number of files in the selected folders to check to see if they have been indexed
long filesChecked;
Number of files in the selected folders that have been checked to see if they need to be indexed
long docBytesReadKB;
Kilobytes of document data that have been read so far
long bytesRead;
Bytes of document data that have been read so far. Deprecated: Use docBytesReadKB
long filesRead;
Number of files read so far
long docsRead;
Number of documents read so far (a single file may include more than one document)
struct dtsIndexFileInfo file;
Current file info
long docBytesMerged;
bytes of docs that have been fully processed
long currMergePercent;
How far along is the current merge process
long docsInIndex;
Number of documents in the index
long wordsInIndex;
Obsolete -- use wordsInIndex64
long elapsedSeconds;
Seconds since the index job started
long diskAvail;
Obsolete -- use diskAvail64
long binaryCount;
Number of files not indexed because they were determined to be binary. (Handling of binary files is controlled by dtssSetOptions.)
long openFailures;
Number of files not indexed because they could not be accessed
long compressPercentDone;
If step is ixsCompressing, the percentage of the index that has been compressed
long encryptedCount;
Number of files not indexed because they were encrypted.
long diskAvailKB;
Deprecated -- use diskAvail64
long docsRemovedFromIndex;
Number of deleted documents removed from the index
long bytesToIndexKB;
Total size of the files to be indexed, in kilobytes
long bytesReadKB;
Total size of the files indexed so far, in kilobytes
long cancelFlag;
dtsAbort, dtsContinue, or dtsAbortImmediate, depending on whether this index job was cancelled
long indexPercentFull;
Percentage of the maximum possible size of this index
long estRemaining;
Estimated number of seconds remaining in the index job
long fieldCount;
Number of field names in the index
__int64 bytesToIndex64;
Total size of the files to be indexed
__int64 bytesRead64;
Total size of the files indexed so far
__int64 docBytesRead64;
Total amount of document data that have been read so far.
long partiallyEncryptedCount;
Number of documents that were partially encrypted
long partiallyCorruptCount;
Number of documents that were partially corrupt
long fileInfoFlags;
FileInfoFlags value with the result of the last file indexed
long inaccessibleFolderCount;
Number of folders listed in the IndexJob that could not be accessed to scan for documents to index
dtsFileDate fileModifiedDate;
Modified date of the last file indexed
const char * userFields;
Stored fields from the document that was indexed (on dtsnIndexFileDone notification only) This is a series of field-value pairs passed as a null-delimited string set (a series of string values delimited by null characters, and terminated by a double-null).
__int64 diskAvail64;
Amount of disk space available, or -1 if the amount of free disk space could not be determined
__int64 wordsInIndex64;
Number of unique words in the index

Reported through the status notification callback in a dtsIndexJob

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