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dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine Programmer's Reference
dtsIndexFileInfo Structure

Contains information about a file being indexed.

File: dtsearch.h

struct dtsIndexFileInfo { const char * name; const char * location; const char * type; const char * openFailMessage; long size; long bytesRead; long wordCount; short percentDone; unsigned short typeId; long docId; const char * displayName; const char * fullname; __int64 size64; };
const char * name;
Name of the document
const char * location;
Directory where the document is located
const char * type;
Name of the file type of the document (WordPerfect, Word for Windows, etc.)
const char * openFailMessage;
If the file could not be accessed, openFailMessage will point to a string describing the reason for the failure
long size;
Size of the document, in bytes (superseded by size64)
long bytesRead;
Number of bytes of the file processed so far. (Deprecated -- use size64 * percentDone / 100)
long wordCount;
Number of words extracted from the file, so far
short percentDone;
Percentage of the file that has been processed
unsigned short typeId;
TypeId identifying the file type of this document
long docId;
The document id assigned to this document in the index
const char * displayName;
User-friendly name to display for this document
const char * fullname;
Full path and filename
__int64 size64;
Size of the document, in bytes

Passed in indexing status notifications embedded in a dtsIndexProgressInfo.

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