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dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine Programmer's Reference
dtsMergeStatusInfo Structure

Status of a merge job in progress

File: dtsearch.h

struct dtsMergeStatusInfo { const char * text; long docsChecked; long docsToMerge; long docsMerged; long wordsToMerge; long wordsMerged; long step; long docsAdded; long docsSkipped; long docsUpdated; long percentDone; };
const char * text;
The text of the document or word being merged
long docsChecked;
Number of documents checked in the first step of a merge (checking the documents to see which documents should go in the target index).
long docsToMerge;
Number of documents that will be added to the target index.
long docsMerged;
During the second step of a merge, merging the document information, docsMerged is the number of documents merged so far.
long wordsToMerge;
Number of words that will be added to the target index.
long wordsMerged;
During the third step of a merge, merging the words, wordsMerged is the number of words merged so far.
long step;
MergeStep indicating the state of the merge process
long docsAdded;
Documents added to target index
long docsSkipped;
Documents skipped because they are already present in the target index
long docsUpdated;
Documents updated in the target index
long percentDone;
Percentage of the input indexes that have been merged

When an index is being merged, the dtSearch Engine will provide progress updates by passing a dtsMergeStatusInfo structure back to a callback function.

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