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dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine Programmer's Reference
ConvertPathFlags Enumeration

File: dtsearch.h

enum ConvertPathFlags { dtsCpMakeVirtual = 0x0001, dtsCpMakeLocal = 0x0002, dtsCpMakeUNC = 0x0008, dtsCpRefreshMappings = 0x0010, dtsCpStoreInRegistry = 0x0020, dtsCpReadFromRegistry = 0x0040 };
dtsCpMakeVirtual = 0x0001
Convert a local path to a virtual path
dtsCpMakeLocal = 0x0002
Convert a virtual path to a local path
dtsCpMakeUNC = 0x0008
Convert a mapped path to a UNC path
dtsCpRefreshMappings = 0x0010
Use the Metabase to update the table of local-to-virtual mappings that the dtSearch engine uses to perform these conversions
dtsCpStoreInRegistry = 0x0020
Store the updated table of mappings in the registry.
dtsCpReadFromRegistry = 0x0040
Read the latest table of mappings from the registry.

Flags for dtssConvertPath2

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