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dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine Programmer's Reference
ListIndexFlags Enumeration

File: dtsearch.h

enum ListIndexFlags { dtsListIndexWords = 0x00000001, dtsListIndexFiles = 0x00000002, dtsListIndexFields = 0x00000004, dtsListIndexIncludeCount = 0x00000008, dtsListIndexReturnString = 0x00000010, dtsListIndexIncludeField = 0x00000100, dtsListTabDelimit = 0x200, dtsListIndexIncludeDocId = 0x400, dtsListIndexIncludeDocCount = 0x800, dtsListIndexIncludeDocInfoAsXml = 0x1000, dtsListIndexSkipNoiseWords = 0x2000, dtsListIndexFieldValues = 0x4000 };
dtsListIndexWords = 0x00000001
List words in the index
dtsListIndexFiles = 0x00000002
List files in the index
dtsListIndexFields = 0x00000004
List fields in the index
dtsListIndexIncludeCount = 0x00000008
For lists of words, include the number of times each word occurs in the index
dtsListIndexReturnString = 0x00000010
Return the list using the outputString
dtsListIndexIncludeField = 0x00000100
For lists of words, include the field where each word is found
dtsListTabDelimit = 0x200
Delimit items in list with tabs instead of spaces
dtsListIndexIncludeDocId = 0x400
In a list of files, include the doc id of each document
dtsListIndexIncludeDocCount = 0x800
In a list of words, include the number of documents each word occurs in
dtsListIndexIncludeDocInfoAsXml = 0x1000
In a list of documents, include document properties
dtsListIndexSkipNoiseWords = 0x2000
Skip noise words when listing words in an index
dtsListIndexFieldValues = 0x4000
List values of enumerable fields

Flags used in dtsListIndexJob (C++) and ListIndexJob (.NET, Java)

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