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dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine Programmer's Reference
ReportFlags Enumeration

File: dtsearch.h

enum ReportFlags { dtsReportByParagraph = 0x0001, dtsReportByWord = 0x0002, dtsReportIncludeAll = 0x0004, dtsReportWholeFile = 0x0008, dtsReportByWordExact = 0x0010, dtsReportGetFromCache = 0x0020, dtsReportStoreInResults = 0x0040, dtsReportLimitContiguousContext = 0x0080, dtsReportIncludeFileStart = 0x0100 };
dtsReportByParagraph = 0x0001
Count context by paragraphs.
dtsReportByWord = 0x0002
Count context by words.
dtsReportIncludeAll = 0x0004
Include all items in the search report.
dtsReportWholeFile = 0x0008
Include full text of each selected file in the report.
dtsReportByWordExact = 0x0010
Count context by words, and include exactly the requested amount of context.
dtsReportGetFromCache = 0x0020
Use cached version of document stored in the index, if present.
dtsReportStoreInResults = 0x0040
Store the search report for each item in search results.
dtsReportLimitContiguousContext = 0x0080
Limit the size of context blocks when hits are contiguous. Using this flag prevents large context blocks from being extracted when many hits occur close together. For example, if a report is generated with 5 words of context around each hit, a single isolated hit would result in 11 words in a context block. However, if there were 100 hits clustered together, a much larger context block would be generated.
dtsReportIncludeFileStart = 0x0100
Include a block of text from the top of the file in the output.

Flags for dtsSearchReportJob (C++) and SearchReportJob (Java, .NET)

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