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dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine Programmer's Reference
CheckConfigurationFlags Enumeration

File: dtsearch.h

enum CheckConfigurationFlags { dtsCcfCheckDefault = 0x0f, dtsCcfCheckAlphabetFile = 1, dtsCcfCheckCmapFiles = 2, dtsCcfCheckStemmingRules = 4, dtsCcfCheckICU = 8, dtsCcfCheckWordNet = 0x10, dtsCcfCheckUserThesaurus = 0x20, dtsCcfCheckFileTypeTableFile = 0x40, dtsCcfCheckTextFieldsFile = 0x80, dtsCcfCheckSegmentationRulesFile = 0x100, dtsCcfCheckNoiseWordsFile = 0x200 };
dtsCcfCheckDefault = 0x0f
The default checks for CheckConfiguration: check the alphabet file, stemming rules, ICU library, and CMAP files.
dtsCcfCheckAlphabetFile = 1
Check that Options.AlphabetFile can be read
dtsCcfCheckCmapFiles = 2
Check that the CMAP files used to process some PDF files are accessible. (This checks that the folder and at least one cmap file is present but does not check that all of the CMAP files are present.)
dtsCcfCheckStemmingRules = 4
Check that Options.StemmingRuleFile can be read.
dtsCcfCheckICU = 8
Check that the ICU library can be loaded
dtsCcfCheckWordNet = 0x10
Check that the WordNet synonym data can be read
dtsCcfCheckUserThesaurus = 0x20
Check that Options.UserThesaurusFile can be read
dtsCcfCheckFileTypeTableFile = 0x40
Check that Options.FileTypeTableFile can be read
dtsCcfCheckTextFieldsFile = 0x80
Check that Options.TextFieldsFile can be read
dtsCcfCheckSegmentationRulesFile = 0x100
Check that Options.SegmentationRulesFile can be read
dtsCcfCheckNoiseWordsFile = 0x200
Check that Options.NoiseWordsFile can be read

CheckConfigurationFlags are passed to Options.CheckConfiguration (.NET) or dtssCheckConfiguration (C++) to validate a dtSearch Engine deployment.

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