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Words and Phrases
dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine Programmer's Reference
Words and Phrases

How to search for phrases in boolean searches

In a boolean search, you do not need to use any special punctuation or commands to search for a phrase. Simply enter the phrase the way it ordinarily appears. Example:

apple w/5 fruit salad

Quotation marks can be used around a phrase to ensure that connector words are interpreted as part of the phrase. Example:

"clear and present danger" and "first amendment"

Without the quotation marks, clear and present danger would be interpreted as a boolean search for clear and present danger. 

If a phrase contains a noise word, dtSearch will skip over the noise word when searching for it. For example, a search for statue of liberty would retrieve any document containing the word statue, any intervening word, and the word liberty

Punctuation inside of a search word is treated as a space. Thus, can't would be treated as a phrase consisting of two words: can and t. 1843(c)(8)(ii) would become 1843 c 8 ii (four words). (To customize the way dtSearch handles punctuation in text, create a custom alphabet file using dtSearch Desktop.)

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