dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine Programmer's Reference
DDataSourceBase2::getDocInfoByName Method
virtual int getDocInfoByName(const char * docName, const char * userFields, dtsDataSourceFileInfo& fi) = 0;
const char * docName
The name of the document in the data source
const char * userFields
String set containing any stored fields associated with this document.

0 on success, or -1 if the document could not be accessed. 

If the document could not be returned, the specific error should be provided in dtsDataSourceFileInfo.accessResult.

Get information about a named document in the data source.

The data source implementation should ensure that string pointers in the dtsDataSourceFileInfo remain valid until the next getNextDocInfo call. Following a getNextDocInfo call, the dtSearch Engine may either call getCurrentDoc to get the document contents, or it may call getNextDocInfo again to get the next document.