dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine Programmer's Reference
DStringSetProperty Class

Manages conversion among character encodings (Ansi, Unicode, UTF-8) for an ordered list of strings.

File: dstringproperty.h 

Namespace: dtSearch 

class DStringSetProperty;
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Append and get functions are provided for each encoding type. 

The dtSearch Engine's C++ support classes use DStringSetProperty to provide easy access to string sets passed to or from the dtSearch Engine. For example, DSearchJob uses a DStringSetProperty for the list of indexes to search. 

"W", "A", "U8", and "Ui" versions of "append" and "getString" functions are provided to append or or retrieve the string values as Unicode (W), Ansi (A), UTF-8 (U8), or TCHAR or CString (Ui). 

DStringSetProperty stores text internally in a DStringSet in UTF-8, the same format that the dtSearch Engine uses. 

DStringSetProperty, like DStringProperty, is designed to be associated with a structure element, so append*() or getString^() calls will provide easy access to the contents of a string set attached to a structure.