dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine Programmer's Reference
Azure 64-bit

Steps to deploy the dtSearch Engine in a 64-bit .Azure application.

1. In Visual Studio, add a reference to the 64-bit dtSearchNetApi3.dll or dtSearchNetApi4.dll to your project. 

Azure does not allow you administrative access to the computer associated with an instance, so you cannot install vcredist_x64.exe. Therefore, the dtSearchNetApi*.dll version you use must correspond to the .NET version supported in the Azure instance you are using. 

2. In Visual Studio, right-click the WebRole for your project and click Add > Existing Item... and add dtengine64.dll to your project. (You cannot add it as a reference because dtengine64.dll is not a .NET component.) 

Set the properties for dtengine64.dll as follows:

Build Action: None Copy to Output Directory: Copy if newer

This will ensure that dtengine64.dll is copied into your application's base folder when you publish to Azure. 

3. In your application, use dtSearch.Engine.Server.SetEnginePath to supply the path to dtengine64.dll. This is a static method in dtSearchNetApi3.dll to provide a way to tell it where to find dtengine64.dll. This has to be done in Application_Start in global.asax.cs, like this:

void Application_Start(object sender, EventArgs e) { AppDomain domain = AppDomain.CurrentDomain; dtSearch.Engine.Server.SetEnginePath(domain.BaseDirectory); }

For a sample application demonstrating this, see the AzureDemo sample in C:\Program Files\dtSearch Developer\examples\cs4.