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dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine Programmer's Reference
Java 64-bit macOS

Steps to deploy the dtSearch Engine in a 64-bit Java application (macOS).

1. Copy dtSearchEngine.jar (from ~/Applications/ to a folder that is on the Java CLASSPATH. 

2. Copy libdtsjava64.dylib to a folder that is in one of the folders listed in the java.library.path. 

Java version or later 1.4.1 is required. 

For additional optional files and components, please see: Installing the dtSearch Engine

The Java interface to the dtSearch Engine is based on the Java Native Interface (JNI). Therefore, both the Java classes and a platform-specific binary executable are needed to use it. The Java classes are in examples\java\classes\dtSearchEngine.jar, which must be on the CLASSPATH. Adding the dtSearch Engine examples/java/classes folder to the CLASSPATH, or copying its contents to a folder on the CLASSPATH, will make these classes available in Java. 

Under Linux, the binary executable is libdtsearch64.dylib, which must be accessed through a symbolic link named libdtsjava.dylib (or, if you prefer, you can just make a copy of the file with this name). libdtsjava.dylib must be in a folder that is in one of the folders listed in java.library.path, or you will get an "Unsatisfied Link" exception when you try to use the dtSearch Engine classes in Java.

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