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dtengine::BinaryFilesSetting Enumeration

File: dten600.idl 

Library: dtengine 

Module: COM Interface 

enum BinaryFilesSetting { dtsoFilterBinary = 1, dtsoIndexBinary = 2, dtsoIndexSkipBinary = 3, dtsoFilterBinaryUnicode = 4 };
dtsoFilterBinary = 1
Filter text from binary files using the character array in binaryFilterTextChars to determine which characters are text.
dtsoIndexBinary = 2
Index all contents of binary files as single-byte text.
dtsoIndexSkipBinary = 3
Do not index binary files
dtsoFilterBinaryUnicode = 4
Filter text from binary files using a text extraction algorithm that scans for sequences of single-byte, UTF-8, or Unicode text in the input. This option is recommended for working with forensic data, particularly when searching for non-English text.

Values for Options.BinaryFiles

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