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dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine Programmer's Reference
dtengine::IndexingFlags Enumeration

File: dten600.idl 

Library: dtengine 

Module: COM Interface 

enum IndexingFlags { dtsAlwaysAdd = 0x0001, dtsCheckDiskSpace = 0x0002, dtsIndexCreateCaseSensitive = 0x0004, dtsIndexCreateAccentSensitive = 0x0008, dtsIndexCreateRelativePaths = 0x0010, dtsIndexResumeUpdate = 0x0020, dtsIndexCacheText = 0x0040, dtsIndexCacheOriginalFile = 0x0080, dtsIndexCreateVersion6 = 0x00100, dtsIndexCacheTextWithoutFields = 0x00200, dtsIndexKeepExistingDocIds = 0x00400, dtsIndexCreateVersion7 = 0x10000000L, dtsIndexTestDataSource = 0x80000000L };
dtsAlwaysAdd = 0x0001
Reindex a document even if the modification date and size are unchanged
dtsCheckDiskSpace = 0x0002
Check for sufficient disk space before indexing
dtsIndexCreateCaseSensitive = 0x0004
Can be used in indexingFlags instead of the createFlags
dtsIndexCreateAccentSensitive = 0x0008
Create an access-sensitive index.
dtsIndexCreateRelativePaths = 0x0010
Use relative rather than absolute paths in storing document locations.
dtsIndexResumeUpdate = 0x0020
Resume an earlier index update that did not complete. (Version 7 indexes only.)
dtsIndexCacheText = 0x0040
Compress and store the text of documents in the index, for use in generating Search Reports and highlighting hits. (Must be set when an index is created.)
dtsIndexCacheOriginalFile = 0x0080
Compress and store documents in the index, for use in generating Search Reports and highlighting hits. (Must be set when an index is created.)
dtsIndexCreateVersion6 = 0x00100
Create an index in the old version 6 format, supported for backward compatibility
dtsIndexCacheTextWithoutFields = 0x00200
When text caching is enabled, do not cache any fields that were provided through the data source API.
dtsIndexKeepExistingDocIds = 0x00400
Preserve existing document ids following a compression of an index or a merge of two or more indexes (this flag is ignored during merges if the indexes being merged have overlapping ranges of document ids).
dtsIndexCreateVersion7 = 0x10000000L
Create an index using the version 7 index format (obsolete -- version 7 indexes are the default)
dtsIndexTestDataSource = 0x80000000L
Reserved for internal use

Values for IndexJob.IndexingFlags

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