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dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine Programmer's Reference
dtengine::ConvertFlags Enumeration

File: dten600.idl 

Library: dtengine 

Module: COM Interface 

enum ConvertFlags { dtsConvertInputIsHtml = 0x0001, dtsConvertSkipHiddenHits = 0x0002, dtsConvertRemoveScripts = 0x0004, dtsConvertInputIsNotHtml = 0x0008, dtsConvertXmlToXml = 0x0040, dtsConvertGetFromCache = 0x2000, dtsConvertInlineContainer = 0x4000, dtsConvertAutoUpdateSearch = 0x20000 };
dtsConvertInputIsHtml = 0x0001
Assume that the input file is HTML for purposes of deciding whether to do HTML-to-HTML highlighting.
dtsConvertSkipHiddenHits = 0x0002
Do not insert BeforeHit and AfterHit marks for a hit that cannot be displayed in HTML because the text is not visible (if this flag is not set, a pair of beforeHit/afterHit tags will be added before the next visible text in the file).
dtsConvertRemoveScripts = 0x0004
Remove JavaScript from HTML files when adding hit highlight markings (JavaScript in HTML files can cause errors if displayed outside of the expected context of the script).
dtsConvertInputIsNotHtml = 0x0008
Assume that the input file is not HTML for purposes of deciding whether to do HTML-to-HTML conversion; if the output format is HTML, this forces the dtSearch Engine to convert the file to simple text before adding hit highlight markings.
dtsConvertXmlToXml = 0x0040
Add hit highlight markings to XML data while retaining the XML format (output format must be it_XML; see Highlighting hits in XML files).
dtsConvertGetFromCache = 0x2000
Read input file from cached document stored in the index.
dtsConvertInlineContainer = 0x4000
If the input is a container (such as a ZIP file), recursively unpack each item in the container, convert it, and append it to the output. dtsConvertInlineContainer is ignored if the input file is not a container, so it has no effect on the processing of .doc, .xls, etc. files.
dtsConvertAutoUpdateSearch = 0x20000
Automatically update hit offsets if this document was indexed by an earlier version of dtSearch or was changed since it was last indexed. Requires call to SetInputItem() to set up the conversion.

Convert flags for FileConverter.Flags

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