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dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine Programmer's Reference
dtengine::SortTypeDts Enumeration

File: dten600.idl 

Library: dtengine 

Module: COM Interface 

enum SortTypeDts { dtsSortAscending = 2, dtsSortDescending = 0, dtsSortByName = 4, dtsSortByDate = 8, dtsSortByHits = 0x0010, dtsSortBySize = 0x0020, dtsSortByField = 0x0040, dtsSortByUserField = 0x0040, dtsSortByIndex = 0x0080, dtsSortByType = 0x0100, dtsSortByTitle = 0x0200, dtsSortByLocation = 0x0400, dtsSortByTime = 0x0800, dtsSortBySortKey = 0x1000, dtsSortCaseInsensitive = 0x010000L, dtsSortNumeric = 0x020000L, dtsSortPdfUseTitleAsName = 0x040000L, dtsSortHtmlUseTitleAsName = 0x080000L, dtsSortFloatNumeric = 0x100000L, dtsSortCleanText = 0x200000L, dtsSortByHitCount = 0x400000L, dtsSortByRelevanceScore = 0x800000L };
dtsSortAscending = 2
Sort in ascending order
dtsSortDescending = 0
Sort in descending order
dtsSortByName = 4
Sort by filename
dtsSortByDate = 8
Sort by modified date
dtsSortByHits = 0x0010
Sort by hit count or relevance, depending on search type. Deprecated: Use dtsSortByHits or dtsSortByRelevanceScore instead.
dtsSortBySize = 0x0020
Sort by file size
dtsSortByField = 0x0040
Sort by user-defined field
dtsSortByUserField = 0x0040
Sort by user-defined field (deprecated, use dtsSortByField)
dtsSortByIndex = 0x0080
Sort by index retrieved from
dtsSortByType = 0x0100
Sort by file type
dtsSortByTitle = 0x0200
Sort by file title
dtsSortByLocation = 0x0400
Sort by the path of the file
dtsSortByTime = 0x0800
Sort by modification time, ignoring the date
dtsSortBySortKey = 0x1000
Sort by caller-specified sort key (use setSortKey for each item to specify the key)
dtsSortCaseInsensitive = 0x010000L
Make string comparisons in the sort case-insensitive
dtsSortNumeric = 0x020000L
Interpret sort values as numbers instead of text. This would cause "20" to be considered greater than "9". The sort key will be a signed, 32-bit integer.
dtsSortPdfUseTitleAsName = 0x040000L
When sorting by filename, use the PDF Title as the filename for PDF files
dtsSortHtmlUseTitleAsName = 0x080000L
When sorting by filename, use the HTML Title as the filename for HTML files
dtsSortFloatNumeric = 0x100000L
Sort by the floating point numeric value of a field instead of its string value.
dtsSortCleanText = 0x200000L
Remove some leading punctuation or white space from sort value before sorting. Also removes "re:", "fw:", and "fwd:".
dtsSortByHitCount = 0x400000L
Sort by number of hits
dtsSortByRelevanceScore = 0x800000L
Sort by relevance score

Values for the SearchResults.Sort method

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