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dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine Programmer's Reference
dtengine::TextFlags Enumeration

File: dten600.idl 

Library: dtengine 

Module: COM Interface 

enum TextFlags { dtsoTfSkipNumericValues = 1, dtsoTfSkipXFirstAndLast = 2, dtsoTfRecognizeDates = 4, dtsoTfRecognizeDatesPresumeDMY = 8, dtsoTfRecognizeDatesPresumeYMD = 16, dtsoTfAutoBreakCJK = 0x0020, dtsoTfDisableBetaParsers = 0x400000L, dtsoTfEnableBetaParsers = 0x800000L };
dtsoTfSkipNumericValues = 1
By default, dtSearch indexes numbers both as text and as numeric values, which is necessary for numeric range searching. Use this flag to suppress indexing of numeric values in applications that do not require numeric range searching. This setting can reduce the size of the index by about 20%.
dtsoTfSkipXFirstAndLast = 2
Suppress automatic generation of xfirstword and xlastword. By default, xfirstword is defined to be the first word in each document, and xlastword is defined to be the last word in each document. These words are generated when an index is created, so this flag must be set during indexing to suppress xlastword and xfirstword.
dtsoTfRecognizeDates = 4
Automatically recognize dates in text as it is indexed
dtsoTfRecognizeDatesPresumeDMY = 8
Presume DD/MM/YY format for dates (default is MM/DD/YY)
dtsoTfRecognizeDatesPresumeYMD = 16
Presume YY/MM/DD format for dates (default is MM/DD/YY)
dtsoTfAutoBreakCJK = 0x0020
Automatically insert a word break around characters in the Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Unicode ranges. This makes it possible to search text in documents that do not contain word breaks. Like the hyphenation setting, this setting is kept in the alphabet for an index and so will only change when an index is created.
dtsoTfDisableBetaParsers = 0x400000L
Disable any internal file parsers that are currently classified as "beta" because they were recently added and have not yet been tested. This flag will have no effect on release builds of the dtSearch Engine and only provides a way to use beta builds without allowing newly-added file parsers to run.
dtsoTfEnableBetaParsers = 0x800000L
Re-enable internal file parsers that were disabled by dtsoTfDisableBetaParsers.

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