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dtengine::DebugLogFlags Enumeration

File: dten600.idl 

Library: dtengine 

Module: COM Interface 

enum DebugLogFlags { dtsLogTime = 1, dtsLogCommit = 2, dtsLogAppend = 4, dtsLogTruncate = 64, dtsCrashLog = 0x1000 };
dtsLogTime = 1
Each line in the log will have include the time, in hundredths of a second, since the start of execution.
dtsLogCommit = 2
The log will be committed to disk after each line is written. This slows execution considerably but ensures that the log will survive a system crash.
dtsLogAppend = 4
Log data is appended to the file if it already exists.
dtsLogTruncate = 64
Truncate the currently-open log
dtsCrashLog = 0x1000
Generate a stack trace in the logFile if an unhandled exception occurs.

Flags for Server.SetDebugLogging

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