dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine Programmer's Reference
dtsFileConvertJob2 Structure

Converts files to HTML, RTF, or text, optionally marking hits with caller-supplied tags.

File: dtsearch.h

struct dtsFileConvertJob2 : public dtsJobBase { struct dtsOutputInfo * output; const char * inputFile; struct dtsInputStream * inputSource; long hitCount; long * hits; long flags; const char * alphabetLocation; long typeId; long docId; const char * indexRetrievedFrom; long detectedTypeId; long indexedBy; const char * encodedSearchItem; dtsExtractionOptions * extractionOptions; const char * hitsByWord; dtsIndexCacheHandle indexCacheHandle; };

dtsFileConvertJob provides an easy way to display retrieved files in a web browser, web browser control, or other viewer with hits highlighted. If an array of hit offsets is included, these hits will be highlighted using the beforeHit and afterHit markers in the output document. The header and footer markers will appear at the beginning and end of the output file. Output can go to a disk file (outputFile), a memory buffer (outputBuf) or a callback function (pOutputFn). Input can come from a disk file (inputFile) or from a dtsInputStream (inputSource).